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Amy King to the Duggars: Josh is a Pedophile, Accept It!


Amy King is trying, folks.

She’s trying to speak truth to power.

She’s trying to speak out and to be the one member of her gigantic family to make some sense amid a stomach-turning crisis.

The niece of Jim Bob Duggar is simply… trying.

ak and jg

Quite estranged from her relatives, and living very much free from their strict rules and guidlines, Amy has spoken out on a number of occasions since Josh Duggar got arrested on child pornography charges.

Unlike other Duggar family member, she hasn’t given trite responses, either.

She hasn’t spoken in cliches or said anything broad and/or vague about “justice” or even really passed along any hollow prayers.

Nope. Amy flat-out called Josh an evil monster.

Amy also shared a meme and a quote that clearly pertained to Anna Duggar, who has thus far remained silent amid accusations that her husband downloaded photos and videos of minors getting sexually abused.

This, after Josh previously confessed to having molested his own sisters and to having cheated on his wife with random women on the Internet.

“Ladies, please don’t go through life trying to be as small, silent, accommodating and convenient as possible,” Amy has stated, not citing Anna by name, but adding:

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes. Don’t subscribe to extreme forms of modesty, own your beauty, intelligence and energy.

Be fierce and unapologetic, always.”

Now, Amy is back with a question for her social media followers.

Essentially… is ignorance really bliss?

Especially when it comes to deeds and actions that only be described as despicable?

Amy King truth

“The painful truth is better than a hidden lie.”

Again, Amy doesn’t include any names here.

She doesn’t make any specific references to any Duggars.

But, just, come on, you know?

There shouldn’t be any doubt that Amy is hurling significant shade at her uncle and many of her cousins.

They’ve spent years hiding behind the lie that Josh Duggar isn’t very sick in the mind.

We mean this literally, too.

Jim Bob and wife Michelle helped to cover up their son’s molestation scandal in 2006, refusing to go to the authorities and instead sending him off to do some hard labor with a family friend.

Years later, he cheated on Anna through the website Ashley Madison and then went to rehab for an alleged pornography addiction.

Therefore, as gross as the charges against Duggar may be, no one familiar with this situation can say he or she is truly stunned.

All the signs have been there.

The family has simply refused to acknowledge, as Amy puts it above, the painful truth about this father of six.

“Life is too short to waist time on someone who cannot give you their whole heart,” Amy previously said, trying to send yet another message to Anna.

“My heart goes out to all those innocent, sweet victims,” the 34-year-old said last month. “It breaks my heart…I really hope justice is served.

“I will just say that whatever you do in the darkness comes out in the light.

“If you’re going to look at such disgusting and sickening images, justice has to be served.”

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