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Boosie Seemingly Accuses Lil Nas X Of Bullying Over Comments He Made About Kids During Breakfast Club Interview


Just when you thought the feud between Boosie and Lil Nas X was over, Boosie had a few more things to get off his chest. As we previously reported, Lil Nas X sat down with the folks over at The Breakfast Club to address comments about him being a negative role model for children. Seems like Boosie was offended by Nas’ response, and has since accused him of bullying.

Lil Nas X made it clear that his music and performances are meant for his own fulfillment as he embraces his own personality, ultimately saying “f*ck them kids” to the haters. Shortly after, Boosie took aim at Lil Nas X, telling him to take his own life, and recently told Vlad TV he looks Nas’ comments about the kids personally.

“You know he said ‘f*ck my kids,’ you know he said ‘f*ck all y’all kids’,” Boosie said. “So everybody who’s really chestin’ up for Nas, he said ‘f*ck your kids’. So you know that’s why I be like he said ‘f*ck your kids.”

During their most recent social media battle, Boosie tweeted out a plethora of slurs, and told Lil Nas X to kill himself after Nas’ jokingly announced to the world that he and Boosie were going to collaborate on a project. Many of Nas’ peers spoke out in support of him and Boosie caught a lot of backlash. Now, Boosie is turning the tables by seemingly accusing Lil Nas X of bullying.

When Vlad asked Boosie if he would care about Lil Nas X taking his own life after Boosie’s tweet, Boosie replied saying he probably wouldn’t care too much.

“I probably would [feel some type of way] but I probably wouldn’t give too much of a f*cks about it,” Boosie said. “It’s another thing with the bullying sh*t. He can say ‘f*ck your kids but if I came over here and said ‘f*ck all y’all kids’ like he told y’all. I wouldn’t give a f*ck if something happened to somebody who said f*ck my kid, that’s just me.”

So far, no response from Lil Nas X.

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