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Chelsea Houska Finally Addresses Rumors: Is She Getting Her Own Teen Mom Spin-Off Series?!


For much of her time as part of the franchise, Chelsea Houska was the most popular Teen Mom.

Thus, when Chelsea quit the show, the decision initially came as a shock, but the more fans mulled it over, the more sense it seemed to make.

After all, Houska and husband Cole DeBoer always made it clear that while they were fully appreciative of the opportunities offered to them by the series that made them famous, they would take their leave if it ever appeared that the show was a threat to their children’s happiness.

And in the age of snarky social media commentary, any type of public exposure carries with it the threat of brutal criticism and cruel insults.

So as her eldest daughter reached an age where it would be impossible to insulate her against such hateful remarks, Chelsea decided to part ways with the Teen Mom franchise.

To the delight of her millions of followers, she’s been providing regular updates about her life and family via Instagram and other social media platforms.

Of course, that can’t quite compete with the level of access that fans enjoyed when Chelsea and her entire family were living out their lives on camera.

So these days, Chelsea is facing an inevitable question:

Will she ever return to television in a spin-off that focuses entirely on her family?

Recently, one fan decided to ask her directly, and it seems that this person even had a title in mind for the fantasy project:

“Would you and Cole ever do your own show? #downwiththedobers,” the commenter inquired on Instagram.

“We would never do anything that, like, discussed our kids’ personal lives ever again,” Chelsea promptly replied.

“But I think we’d be open to doing something else if the opportunity presented itself.”

That response isn’t surprising, as Chelsea has long made it clear that she would step away from television altogether if she ever felt that her fame was becoming a threat to her children’s happiness.

“She always knew she would leave the show once Aubree reached a certain age,” a source close to the situation told People magazine shortly after Chelsea resigned.

“She didn’t want her to go through puberty on-camera and be subjected to hurtful and sometimes creepy comments from viewers.”

So yeah, Chelsea and her husband both walked away from salaries in the mid-six figures range, but we’re guessing they have no regrets about that decision.

After all, they seem to have saved up quite a sizable nest egg, and they’re both involved in numerous business ventures.

The most important of those project appears to be the fashion line that Chelsea launched with Aubree, her eldest daughter.

While sales figures are hard to come by, Chelsea’s Instagram followers have been raving about the aesthetic that Houska developed with the soon-to-be 12-year-old.

The DeBoer family might never pull in quite as much cash from their current projects as they did from their time on MTV, but that doesn’t seem to be a matter of much concern:

After all, the kids are involved in a positive way, and that’s the most important thing.

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