Earlier this spring, Flatbush Zombies celebrated the five-year anniversary of the Hip-Hop trio’s debut studio album 3001: A Laced Odyssey. In addition to performing a special live-streamed performance of the album on YouTube, Flatbush Zombies has been dropping some pretty incredible merch that any Hip-Hop collector would love to have in their collection, including an assortment of limited-edition action figures. 

Now, weeks after the album’s anniversary, Flatbush Zombies has revealed that they’re not done celebrating 3001: A Laced Odyssey quite yet. The trio will further commemorate the album by dropping a graphic novel later this fall, and it will be distributed by Z2 Comics.

3001: A Prequel Odyssey, while set in a fantastical alternate universe and loosely based around Flatbush Zombie’s 2016 debut album, will be penned by veteran journalist and rapper Rob Markman, marking his latest creative collaboration with a prominent Hip-Hop act as well as the follow-up to his Marvel Comics debut last year. The graphic novel will also serve as the comic book debut of illustrator J.J. Lopez.

According to Z2 Comics’ official website, Flatbush Zombies‘ graphic novel is imagined as “the official prequel to the Flatbush Zombies’ debut album,” and its premise involves Erick the Architect, Meechy Darko, and Zombie Juice battling a dark supernatural force that threatens to wreak havoc on Brookyln’s West Indian Day Parade.

Will you be reading Flatbush Zombie’s forthcoming graphic novel 3001: A Prequel Odyssey when it drops this October?