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Khloe Kardashian Talks Baby #2: True Deserves a Sibling!


Fans of Khloe Kardashian who want to see her live her best life have felt a great sense of unease this week.

They are haunted by reconciliation rumors, and all the more anxious after Tristan Thompson thirsted after Khloe.

Now, Khloe is stoking those fears by talking about giving True a younger sibling.

This isn’t a secondhand report from her friends — Khloe is publicly discussing Baby #2.

“How is my baby getting so grown on me?” Khloe Kardashian asked on Twitter.

She accompanied those words with three iterations of the pleading eyes emoji.

While often used to “beg” in a horny context, the emojis can also convey adoration and being emotionally overwhelmed with love.

Khloe Kardashian tweet - how is my baby getting so grown on me?

Khloe was reminded that True will be turning four years old next year.

In fact, in just under six months, she will have that milestone birthday — they’re all milestones at this age.

Just last week, True turned three-and-a-half. Khloe is “not ready” to even think about her turning four.

Khloe Kardashian tweet - can't even think about True turning 4

“Time for another,” wrote a Khloe stan on Twitter.

Perhaps they were joking, sincerely suggesting it, or somewhere in between.

Either way … Khloe sounds keen on the idea.

Khloe Kardashian tweet - I want True to have a sibling if it's god's plan

“Hehehe,” Khloe began, “I want her to have a sibling.”

“If it’s God’s will,” she then added.

That could have a few interpretations, however.

Many people — of various faiths, actually — will refer to having children being up to divine plans.

Often, this is merely about the question of whether someone can conceive, or carry a pregnancy to term.

In Khloe’s case, she would almost certainly be having Baby #2 via embryo implantation … likely into a surrogate.

Perhaps Khloe was saying that she’ll only give True a sibling if she conceives naturally, but we doubt that.

It seems likely that Khloe was speaking more general, along the lines of “if that’s in the cards” for her life.

Khloe has enough financial resources that she could decide today to have another baby and go from there.

The concern that her fans have, of course, is whose sperm would be involved.

That would likely be Tristan Thompson’s, Khloe has hinted in the past, as she wants True to have a “full sibling.”

We’re unsure how this might make her own half-siblings, Kylie and Kendall, feel.

Khloe has even asked Tristan for some of his preggnog — sorry, his sperm — in the past, on camera.

This is likely about more than just genetics.

Khloe was clearly affected by her parents’ divorce, and likely hopes that any children whom she has would have the same father.

But having a child with your ex — not just as the sperm donor, but as the father as he is for True — is no simple matter.

It’s a complicated and glaringly unusual decision to make, even if you don’t actually bone to make the second child.

Donating sperm to help a friend is one thing. Deciding to raise a child with a platonic, existing co-parent is almost unheard of.

But then, fans fear for Khloe that she and Tristan might have reconciled again.

Three massive, public cheating scandals went down, humiliating Khloe and disgusting her fans.

It’s Khloe’s mistake to make, but fans who care about her happiness would hate to see her walk that road again. We all know where it leads.

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