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Kody Brown Labeled as “Hot Garbage” for Abandoning Daughter Prior to Surgery


Sister Wives viewers have known for ages now that Kody Brown is an awful husband.

But they were reminded on this past Sunday’s season finale that he’s also an awful father.

Just in case you had any doubt, you know?

The reminder was served on the latest episode of this TLC series because Kody and one of his spouses, Christine, were faced with the challenge of 18-year old Ysabel needing back surgery for her scoliosis.

During a nationwide pandemic.

Yes, the timing was bad.

But so was the pain for the teenager and Christine explained on the finale that the family’s insurance had at last kicked in … so she was in favor of getting the procedure done.

To make it happen, Ysabel had to go from Flagstaff, Arizona to New Jersey for the operation — with Kody not only saying that he wouldn’t go with her, but discouraging others in the family from making the trip as well.

Granted, Kody was concerned about the safety of flying amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

But consider what he was proposing:

That his daughter do so by herself AND go to the hospital and undergo surgery, also by herself.

In the end, as we documented last year, Christine did accompany Ysabel and Sister Wives fans jumped all over Kody for not doing the same.

Seeing these events play out on television Sunday evening, viewers once again expressed their shock and irritation over Kody’s behavior.

”I have chronic back pain, and not only can’t she go through the surgery alone, she can’t fly alone because I doubt she can handle her damn suitcase!” wrote one critic, while another was far more succinct:

Kody is hot garbage.

A third jumped in as follows:

“The fact that Kody thought Christine wanting Ysabel to get this surgery because of severe pain was an attempt to manipulate Kody is f***ing disgusting.

“I hate Kody so much, he deserves to rot in his mansion with Robyn while Christine finds someone who actually loves her.”

Wow, huh? So much for beating around any bushes.

Kody has been receiving tons of crap ever since the finale aired and folks across the country got to see how terribly he treated his sister wives.

Heck, Kody himself admitted to not really caring about them.

For real!

See what we mean here:

Christine, meanwhile, poured her heart out on the concluding episode and made it sound like she was finally done with her relationship.

“I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore,” she confessed to Kody’s first spouse, Meri, who told a tearful Christine to “look at the mountain.”

“I don’t want to do it anymore,” Christine again claimed, leaving fans hanging from a major cliff.

Will she really walk away, however?

And will Sister Wives even come back?

Or might the show get canceled?

TLC has not yet made any decisions about the show’s future, but many fans seem sick of Kody’s selfish nonsense.

And, we mean… how could they not be?!?

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