As more details regarding the recent shooting involving Lil Reese are revealed, graphic images and videos continue to storm the internet. The rapper’s supporters and loved ones are thankful that he’s alive and well, but this is the second shooting Lil Reese has been a victim of while in his hometown. In the previous case, Reese was reportedly shot in the neck while waiting at a red light, and in this most recent ordeal, he was in a parking lot with two others when they were assaulted by a gunman. 

We previously reported that Reese was allegedly riding in a stolen vehicle when he was located by the car’s owner using various tracking devices. When the 55-year-old man found his vehicle and went to confront those inside, it’s reported that someone else walked up and opened fire. The driver attempted to flee the scene but crashed, and new graphic footage shows Reese on the street, bleeding from his face.

Reese was reportedly shot in the eye and while there have been rumors that he lost his ability to see, that information has yet to be confirmed. The investigation is ongoing and police haven’t yet shared information regarding suspects, arrests, or charges. We’ve included the clip below, but be warned that this is a graphic video that may contain images that disturbs some viewers.