Silento, known for his signature hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” has unfortunately been on a downward spiral in the last few months, reflected in his numerous run-ins with the law. Last September, he was arrested in Los Angeles after reportedly storming out of his family home and chasing his alleged girlfriend with a machete. After failing to appear in court, a warrant was then issued for his arrest. 

The next month, he was once again arrested for reckless driving and told officers that former POTUS Trump had texted him asking for help. In February of this year, he was then arrested for allegedly murdering his cousin Frederick Rooks in Atlanta, requesting a $25k bond from a judge. According to news reports, Silento will have to remain behind bars until his trial after being denied bond by a judge in the murder investigation. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 20th Century Fox

TMZ reports that the rapper appeared in a hearing on Wednesday (June 9) in DeKalb County, GA where a judge cited his mental health as a titular reason for denying the bond request. His history of illness, as well as his history of not taking medications, make him a danger to release back into the community on bond while the case is still open. 

Additionally, the judge noted concerns about the rapper’s history of being in denial of the mental health issues he faces, citing an instance where he once left a California mental health facility. They added there was no telling what other acts he may commit if he refuses to take his meds, therefore making him a serious risk. 

Prosecutors explain that even his grandparents were in strong opposition to him being granted bond. Silento’s defense team have aimed to paint a more favorable photo of their client, calling him a local treasure that urged kids to stay away from drugs and alcohol, adding that his problem stems from his bipolar disorder and other mental health issues he’s been battling for some time. 

The judge didn’t agree, however, and Silento will remain behind bars for now until his trial. We’ll keep you updated on subsequent developments. 

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images