LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers got back in the win column last night as they won a close game against the Indiana Pacers. LeBron had 39 points in the overtime win, and in the eyes of many fans, this was a great way for the Lakers star to return following his one-game suspension.

Of course, it wasn’t without some drama, however, as LeBron ended up getting two fans kicked out of the game. As you can see in the clip below, the fans were courtside and LeBron told the referee that they needed to be escorted out of the building. That’s exactly what happened as security stepped in and told the fans to get out as quickly as possible.

In the immediate aftermath of the situation, many took to Twitter to deliver their opinions on the matter, including Skip Bayless, who is an avid LeBron hater. In fact, Skip opted to go with a new insult towards LeBron, as he promptly called him “LeSnitch” which is pretty hilarious if you ask us.

Interestingly enough, Skip was actually a fan of what happened, as he believes LeBron found his stride after kicking the fans out. He was playing with a newfound swagger that Skip would like to see a lot more of, moving forward.

Regardless of the reason behind LeBron’s actions last night, there is no doubt that he was playing on another level that will be appreciated by Lakers fans. Perhaps it will inspire his teammates to reach those same heights.