Tommy Fury says he could knock Jake Paul out in under three minutes. Both the YouTuber-turned-boxer, Paul, and career-long boxer, Fury, have been sending shots at each other ahead of a rumored fight.

“It’d be over inside a round,” Fury said when asked what would happen if the two boxed each other on TMZ.

He explained: “From what I’ve seen against Tyron Woodley the other night, he’s scared to throw a punch when he’s in with somebody who could even knock him out. He don’t want to commit. He took one shot and nearly fell through the ropes. From what I seen the other day, I have my hands up, walk straight to him and get him out of there inside three minutes.”

Jake Paul, Tommy Fury
Alex Davidson / Getty Images

Paul’s win over Woodley was the first match he’s been in that didn’t end in a knockout victory for Paul.

Fury recently slandered Paul during an interview with TMZ Sports saying, “My message to Jake Paul is that he’s a massive pussy and he doesn’t want to fight. He’s not a fighting man. So when he grows a pair of bollocks, come and see me, but until then, don’t mention my name ever again.”