Unfortunately for Tristan Thompson, he often does not get the benefit of the doubt when it comes down to any cheating accusations that float his way. This is in part due to the high-profile scandal between him and Jordyn Woods that resulted in the first break-up between Khloe Kardashian and Thompson. 

Following that, he’s been named in numerous other cheating allegations. Most recently, Instagram model Sydney Chase has claimed she had relations with the Celtics star while he was with Kardashian, adding that she allegedly received salacious texts from him. Thompson has vehemently denied the claims, going as far as to take legal action against Chase. In a letter sent to Chase by Thompson’s legal team, the pro athlete is telling Chase to provide evidence of the alleged texts or pack it up. 

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In the letter obtained by TMZ, Thompson’s lawyer says Chase is refusing to cough up or prove that the alleged text messages between them exist, which can only lead to one “inescapable conclusion … that they do not exist.”

Thompson’s legal team previously fired off a cease and desist letter to Chase, who claim that they never had a relationship nor did he send her any texts. Chase originally denied receiving the cease and desist letter from his legal team, but later walked back on her claims. 

“I finally received the cease and desist hours after I made my post online. It was first sent to an email I no longer use. However I’m moving forward with the truth and am choosing not to comply. I will not be called a liar,” wrote Chase on her Instagram story after receiving the legal notice. 

Tristan’s lawyer says the Instagram model is making false claims about the pro athlete to earn her 15 minutes of fame. His legal team says she’s risking a defamation lawsuit if she keeps spreading the alleged rumors.