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What Kind of Asian Are you? Only Asians Will Understand TikTok Trend | Korean React


Hi Peaches! 🍑 Today Yeseul, Taekwang and Suho come back for a loooong video! First they played a game called “Rubber chicken blind test” 🤣 That was so funny to see them try this give and trust me: IT’S QUITE DIFFICULT! Then the trie reacted to the Memes only Asians can understand! Did you relate to those memes and TikTok videos? At last, they reacted to the ‘What Asian are you?’ TikTok trend to see if they could know where those TikTokers were from, just by their looks! Let’s call that an impossible challenge… ^^ If you liked this video, please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! #KOREANSREACT #KOREANS #WHATASIANAREYOU #ONLYASIANSWILLUNDERSTAND

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▶︎ Suho @whoissuho // https://www.instagram.com/whoissuho/
▶︎ Taekwang @9wang___ // https://www.instagram.com/9wang___/
▶︎ Yeonjin @liljinjin_// https://www.instagram.com/liljinjin_/
▶︎ Yeseul W. @yeseul_one // https://www.instagram.com/yeseul_one/

▶︎ Yeseul W. @yeseul_one // https://www.instagram.com/yeseul_one/
▶︎ Vianney D.

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